Introductory & Private Sessions

We recommend completing several private sessions before joining a group class. Private sessions are important because the workouts are tailor-made to meet your needs and goals.

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.— Joseph Pilates

If you have Pilates experience, a consultation or private session is a great way for our instructors to get to know you and your personal goals.

For clients with special considerations or injuries, we suggest doing only private sessions in the beginning and consulting your doctor prior to starting Pilates.

To get started, create a client profile, choose and select one of our first time client “Introductory” packages.

Get Started

If you are new to Pilates or have experience but new to our studio, we recommend starting with one of our first time client packages. As a welcome introductory offer, you may choose to purchase one, three or five sessions at a discount. Private sessions help us learn about you, your body, your goals and set you up with a foundation. Our instructors will help guide you to which classes will fit your schedule and progress you through the systematic approach of the Pilates Method of exercises. Select Introductory Package. You may be prompted to create your client profile and select a time and day that works best for you. You can always call or text us to answer any questions.

Introductory Packages

  • $90 Consultation
  • $234 3 Private Sessions
  • $375 5 Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions
(3-4 Clients)

  • $50 Drop in per person
  • $225 Package of 5
  • $400 Package of 10

Mat | Tower Class
(3-6 Clients)*

  • $35 Drop in
  • $150 Package of 5
  • $260 Package of 10

*45 min Express Class

Jump Start Program! (30 sessions in 3 months)

  • $440/mo 10 sessions
  • 3 Private sessions
  • 4 Semi-private small group classes
  • 3 Mat Classes (Virtual or in person 45 min Express Class)

(Requires first payment & 2 month automatic bill pay)

Returning Clients

Learning the foundation of the Pilates Method through Private sessions is the most effective and efficient way to learn Pilates, transform your body and take ownership of your practice. As you become proficient, you may choose to do a combination of Privates, Duets or small Semi-Private groups with clients of similar skill levels and goals.

Private Sessions
One on One

  • $100 Drop in
  • $475 Package of 5
  • $900 Package of 10

(2 Clients**)

  • $60 Drop In
  • $275 Package of 5
  • $500 Package of 10

**Price is per person

Semi-Private Sessions
(3-4 Clients)

  • $50 Drop In
  • $225 Package of 5
  • $400 Package of 10

Virtual Private or Group

  • $75 Drop in Private 45 min
  • $35 Drop in
  • $150 Package of 5
  • $260 Package of 10

*Studio owner additional $5 charge