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Elevate your practice through our classical approach.

At our premier Classical Pilates studio we set our intention on being the best at one thing: PILATES. And by doing the Pilates Method our clients have the breakthrough results they are seeking: improved posture, strength, flexibility, mobility, longevity and abdominal strength. Results you can feel and see as it changes your whole body! How you walk and carry yourself in your everyday life and activities! Others will notice.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Who we are and who we are not

At The Pilates Method, we are dedicated to delivering an authentic, classical Pilates experience like no other. We take pride in what we are AND what we aren’t. We are NOT a gym. You won’t find rows of generic exercise machines here. We focus exclusively on the art and science of Classical Pilates. We don’t use “filler” exercises, bosu balls, bands, trx, hula hoops, or any non-Pilates equipment. Our workouts are pure and purposeful. We don’t compromise on authenticity. Our instructors are rigorously trained in classical Pilates, and we exclusively use Gratz equipment. Many claim to be classical, but if they haven’t been trained by a classical program and don’t use Gratz equipment, they are not authentically classical.

A Long Heritage of Classical Pilates Instruction

Our method of Pilates training is considered classical. The original work of Joseph Pilates has been handed down to many who trained under him, such as his muse Romana Kryzanowska, Carola Trier and Kathy Grant and many others who took lessons or trained with him later in life, Jay Grimes and Sonjé Mayo. Their day-in and day-out mentoring created the next generation of instructors.

Our dedicated professional instructors have been mentored through this strong lineage.They’ve enhanced our understanding of the classical work and many world renowned sought-after teacher trainers such as Sonje Mayo, Dorothee VandeWalle, Dana Santi, Chris Robinson and Carrie Russo.

Enhance Your Practice with Gratz Pilates Apparatus

Our equipment goes perfectly with the classical Pilates system. Joseph Pilates invented it and Gratz made it. Pilates exercises were designed around this brand of equipment’s dimensions, strap placement, handles and springs. The spring tension is perfectly balanced to perform each exercise with integrity of movement. Each piece of apparatus (the traditional name for equipment) is handcrafted in Philadelphia Pa. We are very proud to use the very best equipment in our studio, GRATZ!

The Pilates Method

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