Classical Pilates Mentorship

The Pilates Method: Classical Pilates Mentorship Program

The Pilates Method offers a Classical Pilates Mentorship program. A comprehensive program designed to work with your teacher training certification or for instructors who may have finished a previous program or are looking to enhance their knowledge and deep dive into the Classical Pilates Method. Our studio endorses Power Pilates as our partner in teacher training and certification. Our friends at Studio M in Birmingham is holding the certification fall 2023. Power Pilates holds trading all throughout the USA and internationally.making it possible to do mentorship and apprenticeships at convenient locations Michigan. A rigorous program designed to immerse you in the authentic, time tested method of Joseph Pilates original work. You will learn the Pilates Method in a fully equipped studio, on ALL apparatus, using the original equipment made by Gratz Industries. Pilates is not just the reformer but a whole & complete system. Learn from other Power Pilates teachers as well as other experienced teachers. Hands on studio experience ready you for a career in teaching Pilates and follow up learning while you are starting your career. In a positive learning environment. The value of this program is that you will be comprehensively trained and able to work at any Pilates studio. It is not exclusive to only classical Pilates.

  • Career opportunities
  • Part time & Full time
  • Flexible Hours
  • Positive learning & work environment
  • Best of all you will do Pilates all day every day!

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The Pilates Method: Classical Pilates Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is unique and designed for either instructors who are currently certified or those who may not have completed a full certification. Lifelong learners of Pilates want to know more about the classical work, its similarities to other certifications and history. You will gain a deeper understanding of the work beyond “performing” an exercise or what is thought of as “choreography”. The intention is to set you apart, enhance your marketability and inclusivity bringing the Pilates community together while preserving the integrity of Joseph Pilates original work.

Classical Pilates Mentorship Program

An exclusive and unique Pilates Mentorship Program aimed at preserving the authentic work of Joseph Pilates. The program trains teachers to master the Pilates Method. Cheryl Maher directs the program and has over 20 years experience teaching Pilates as well as 10+ years as a teacher trainer. The program starts anytime prior to teacher training and is designed to be flexible. You will have access to our beautiful studio that is a fully equipped all Gratz apparatus studio. You will learn on the familiar Reformer, mat and Cadillac but also Pilates Apparatuses such as the Baby Chair, Pedi Pole, Foot corrector, Toe exerciser, Push up device and Electric Chair. The program cost is $450 per month and includes:

  • Lessons: 3 Private, 5 group & 2 Mat classes
  • Observation hours
  • Practice teaching
  • Self practice hours
  • Apprenticeship
  • Work/Study financial option
  • Feedback
  • Designed to be 6-12 months