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Elevate your practice through our classical approach.

At our premier Classical Pilates studio we set our intention on being the best at one thing: PILATES. And by doing the Pilates Method our clients have the breakthrough results they are seeking: improved posture, strength, flexibility, mobility, longevity and abdominal strength. Results you can feel and see as it changes your whole body! How you walk and carry yourself in your everyday life and activities! Others will notice.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” — Joseph Pilates

What Is Pilates?

The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, was created by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s. His method was designed as a series of exercises on the mat and reformer as well as standing exercises. He knew using one’s own body weight for resistance was challenging and could see the imbalances of strength or flexibility while doing mat work. He then designed equipment such as the reformer, cadillac or trapeze table, wunda chair, electric chair, barrels, auxiliary apparatuses, and standing to balance out the body, build a strong center or powerhouse, while simultaneously stretching, strengthening and controlling the body to move efficiently.

The secret in the Pilates Method is the unique system of exercises done correctly, these exercises yield incredible results. Joseph Pilates perfected his method over several decades. He invented and hand-built many pieces of apparatus to help people understand the work, and to target specific weaknesses in the body. Later, Joseph Pilates contracted Gratz to manufacture his equipment.

How We Apply the Pilates Method

As a classical Pilates studio, we follow the authentic Pilates system. It is this whole system utilizing all the equipment that improves your body. It’s a full body workout and once you understand the principles of Pilates, you are able to flow from one exercise to the next. Each original exercise has a purpose and a goal to change the body before progressing to the next exercise and each exercise is perfectly linked. This gives you a full body workout that includes stretch, strength and control. The beauty of the Classical Pilates Method is your body reveals itself and what you need. Pilates shows you what is weak, what is strong, and what is inflexible, too tight or too loose. Based on what the Pilates method reveals, our instructors design your session and decide what pieces of Pilates apparatus will address your individual needs. The Pilates method works because it’s time-tested! Over 100 years old! Pilates is unlike any other kind of exercise and with consistency and perseverance you will change your body.

A Long Heritage of Classical Pilates Instruction

The Pilates Method is committed to preserving the original work of Joseph Pilates.  Pilates is a practice, a well designed system that is proven to have breakthrough results and still allows us to modify exercises to suit the body in front of us based on the goal of the exercise.  What sets us apart from other Pilates studios is our training and the equipment we use.  Our training is specialized, usually taught or handed down from teachers who are recognized worldwide within the Classical Pilates community. These teachers have been either taught by Joseph Pilates himself or his students. Our Instructors have studied, attended workshops and trained through international classical Pilates training programs such as Power Pilates New York, Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle WA or Peak Pilates.  A classical studio only uses handmade state of the art Pilates equipment such as Gratz.  Pilates uses small apparatuses such as an Arm Chair, High Electric Chair, Wunda chair, Pedi Pole, Push Up device and yes! Weights!  https://www.pilates-gratz.com

Who we are not. We are not a gym or an exercise class. We don’t use “filler” exercises, or bosu balls, bands, trx, hula hoops or any non-pilates equipment.  We don’t make up the exercises or teacher training. We don’t do “personal training” exercises on a reformer. Many studios claim they do classical or base it on classical but if they don’t use Gratz or trained by a classical program they are not authentically classical.


Enhance Your Practice with Gratz Pilates Apparatus

Our equipment goes perfectly with the classical Pilates system. Joseph Pilates invented it and Gratz made it. Pilates exercises were designed around this brand of equipment’s dimensions, strap placement, handles and springs. The spring tension is perfectly balanced to perform each exercise with integrity of movement. Each piece of apparatus (the traditional name for equipment) is handcrafted in Philadelphia Pa. We are very proud to use the very best equipment in our studio, GRATZ!

The Many Benefits of Classical Pilates

As a form of corrective exercise, the body can strengthen and repair itself through movement. People who suffer from pain often get relief. Sometimes pain stems from imbalances and stress. Change happens through movement and movement heals. While many physical therapists use Pilates, it is not physical. When you understand your body, and you know how to move from your center, you feel an ease of movement. You wake up feeling better. Friends and family comment that you walk taller or with a certain ease. You’re able to golf, ski, dance better and it’s easier to play with your grandkids on the floor.

Athletes understand the Pilates principles and see the benefits straight away. Bodybuilders, boxers, (Joseph PIlates was a boxer!) crossfitters and even non-athletes can see how an individualized Pilates practice enhances their quality of life. Pilates is for everybody!

The Pilates Method

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